Dress Code

Grades PK - 8th Grade. 

Uniforms are mandatory for grades PK - 8th Grade. 

Grades 9-12

Students are expected to come to school with proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness, grooming and neatness of dress. Students whose personal attire or grooming distracts the attention of other students or teachers from their schoolwork or disrupts the learning environment will be removed from the general population until arrangements can be made to correct the violation.

Students may NOT wear the following attire:

  1. No Tank tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, midriffs, muscle shirts, sleeveless shirts, low cut necklines. 
  2. No Exposed Undergarments (see-through clothing or drop pants)
  3. No mini skirts or excessively short dresses
  4. No Shorts or Pants with Holes
  5. No Attire that can damage property (studs, cleats etc.)
  6. No slippers, slides or flip-flops
  7. No Pajamas
  8. No hats, bandanas, hoodies, sweatbands or other head coverings (except for religious purposes)


Rules for Student IDs

1.    Student IDs must be worn while at school, including at lunch

2.    IDs must be worn from a lanyard hanging around the neck or clipped to the shirt collar

3.    The ID must be visible, on the outside of the clothing

4.    IDs may not be defaced, changed or altered from its original condition

5.    Replacement IDs may be purchased for a fee

6.    Replacement lanyards may also be purchased

7.    Students may not be allowed to attend class without their properly displayed iPrep ID

Violation of these school rules will subject the student to disciplinary action pursuant to the Code of Student Conduct.