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Registration Time Line

March 15, 2019:  Parents will be notified of the results of the random selection process on or about March 15. You will be contacted via email by the MDCPS district magnet school office regarding the outcome of your application. The district magnet school office cannot answer any questions regarding individual school programs or random selection results. The information you receive on March 15th will be categorized by one of the following options for each of the schools you applied to:

Accepted: This means you were accepted by the school’s magnet program to which you applied and will need to log into the magnet application website to "accept" the offer.  Be mindful that though multiple schools may have accepted you, only a single enrollment offer may be accepted.  Once you decide to accept a school, you may not return to change the acceptance. For example, if you applied to and were accepted by five schools, carefully choose the school you wish to attend, because the other four schools then become an automatic decline. You must then physically visit the accepted school site to register the applicant. Each school lists/holds/maintains/schedules various dates and times for the registration process. 

Wait-Listed: This means you were not part of the random selection acceptance and are now placed on the school’s waiting list. Depending on the response of those students initially accepted, schools will continue through their wait list in the order it was generated by the random selection process until the school fills up its seats. This process may even continue past the end of the current school year and into the summer. If a school reaches your position on the waitlist, you will receive an email to inform you of the change of status. Applicants must then still “accept” the acceptance and physically register at the school site. 

Denied: This means the applicant did not meet the school’s criteria for eligibility. 

April 5th, 2019: Deadline for the initial accepted applicants of March 15th to accept or decline the invitation for their student to attend IPREP. Failure to accept by this deadline will result in an auto decline. This first deadline is ONLY APPLICABLE to acceptances sent on this date. 


March 25-29, 2019 Spring Break: Magnet registrations will be paused. School personnel will not be available for magnet processing or answering questions/phone calls.


April 1, 2019: Magnet registrations resume.


June 6, 2019: Prospective students must have completed the second segment of any FLVS Honors Algebra I and/or Honors Physical Science. Proof of completion needs to be sent to the school you registered with. Proof must show the student's name, name of the course(s) being taken, and 100 percentage completion of Segment 2.


​​​​​​​June 14, 2019: Final Transcripts from non-MDCPS students are to be submitted.